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The Power of Networks

The Power of Online and In Person Networks


15600625_sErik Qualman’s newest book, ‘What Happens in Vegas, Stays on YouTube’ wrote “Those who succeed develop deep relationships before they need those relationships.  They network before they need the network both offline and online.”

Over the last couple months I have had the opportunity to attend a number of functions within the field of student affairs.  Over the last year I have been intentionally…

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Fall in ❤️ #100happydays

Parker goes to the beach #100happydays #nofilter (at Venice Beach)

Sweets with my sweetie #100happydays

"Mom! Enough with the selfies" #100happydays

Status Update: 40 Things To Do Before 40


A few days ago I celebrated my 33rd birthday.  This year has been life changing.

Not because it was easy.  At times it was extremely difficult.  Going from fulltime over-achiever work horse, to all in doctoral student working from home.  My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.  We rescued a very sick (and what became an expensive) puppy.  I changed my dissertation topic.

And then there was the…

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Mock dissertation proposal : Developing Digital Student Leaders. Fittingly on my birthday! #sadoc #100happydays (at California Lutheran University)

What’s worth doing even if you fail? -Brene Brown. I will combine this with Erik Qualman’s charge of fail fast, fail forward, fail better. #acpa14

Whew I did it! #acpa14 Pecha Kucha talking about YouTube, epic rap battles and how epiclloyd really isn’t an angry person

Being a Woman in Tech

Higher Education Women in Tech


The theme for this years Women’s History Month is celebrating women of character, courage and commitment.  This post seeks to explore that theme through the lens of women in technology.

I’ve been thinking about this topic for a while, as of late I have been asked the question, “What is it like being a woman in technology?”

12162863_sAt first I was taken aback by the question.  It was not a conscious…

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Found everywhere at #playlistlive.

Just a little @theepiclloyd intro at #playlistlive #bringemout

Smiles with my favorite youtuber #squeals (at Playlist Live 2014)

@theepiclloyd & @nicepeter after a Gibson guitar interview. Don’t mind me just creeping in the background… #playlistlive (at Playlist Live 2014)

Student Affairs Professionals on Social Media | Choose Your Own Adventure

Adventures in Social Media


How you choose to use or restrict your social media activity as a professional is like a Choose Your Own Adventure book.  As kids, some love these books, the possibility to change and be surprised.  Others questioning if they picked the correct plot.  At the end of the children’s book, each decision that was made results in a very different story.

I write this coming off a four-day intense…

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