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Sheryl Crow & Racal Flatts. @theepiclloyd is being such a good sport

And the Emmy goes to…

@erb On the big screen at Emmy Digital Interactive Awards - @theepiclloyd @nicepeter #emmys #EmmysIMPG

Nine months till graduation with a dissertation to do. Small steps everyday.

Spare some change? #dogbegger #puppypout #puppydogeyes

Planning his attack (at Rosie’s Dog Beach)

Dinner on the deck. Good-freaking-job sunset!

What an amazing cast from Off the Top via London, Tokyo & Los Angeles. @theepiclloyd I think it’s about time to go visit our new international friends… (at YouTube Space LA)

That’s a ‘rap’!! So freaking proud of this guy #offthetop #youtubespacela (at YouTube Space LA)

Loving the twitter/Instagram feed wall filled with Off the Top posts (at YouTube Space LA)

Tune in to @theepiclloyd channel at 11:30am PST for Off the Top shows running till 6:45pm (at YouTube Space LA)

My boys

YouTuber Pups: @TheEpicLLOYD & I’s Parker holding paws with @gmessak pup Kai <3 <3! They have such a great doggie babysitter @ellainla.

My Instagram should really be called Photos of Parker…but look at dat that face tho

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